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The Alzheimer’s Society’s Guide To Dementia

What are the symptoms? The word dementia describes a group of symptoms that may include memory lo

Live In Carer

Employing A Live In Carer

You can hire a live in carer who will offer you all that you’ll get from an agency worker, but yo

Power Of Attorney

Power Of Attorney

Where an individual requires care, and is able to give their consent, it may be advisable for a m

CAB - helpful links

Helpful Links

We’ve put together a list of helpful links for the elderly. Please contact us if you have a

helpful apps

Helpful Apps

Nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet. We highly recommend all our live-in carers h

avoiding scams

Avoiding Scams

It has become frequently common for our landlines and mobiles to be bombarded with cold calls and

Free senior care decision guide

This Guide Can Change Your Life Are you struggling with taking care of someone? Do you wonder if

Consumer rights

You Have the Right to Choose Your Home Health Care Service Provider Federal hospital law guarante

Violet Care Hands

When is home care helpful?

Home care can help for short periods of time, for extended periods, or around-the-clock in certai